WODA is responsible for the organisation of the World Dredging Congresses (WODCON) which are held every three years and delegates this responsibility to the association in whose region the forthcoming congress will take place. Since the formation of the current WODA, EADA has organised WODCONs at :
•    2019 Shanghai WODCPN XXII    World Dredging Congress WODCON XXII First Announcement Call for Papers - Attachment 1 | Attachment 2
•    2010 Beijing, EADA
•    2001 Kuala Lumpur WODCON XVI EADA
•    1992 Bombay WODCON XIII EADA
•    1983 Singapore WODCON X EADA

Coming WODA Events

•    2016 Miami, Florida USA , WODCON XXI, WEDA

Recent WODCON Events

•    2013 Brussels, WODCON XX, CEDA

•    2010 Beijing, EADA
•    2007 Orlando, Florida, USA WEDA
•    2004 Hamburg WODCON XVII CEDA
•    2001 Kuala Lumpur WODCON XVI EADA


WODA WEDA CEDA China Dredging Association Eastern Dredging Association (India)

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