Members of World Organization of Dredging Associations and China Dredging Association,

Dredging is a basic activity for industrialization, urbanization, modernization and ecological civilization construction. Since the new century, dredging has played a positive role in economic development, social progress and improvement of people's lives. At present, in the face of global economic structural adjustment and new technological revolution impact, China and the world's dredging industry need to promote comprehensive changes and innovations focusing on the major themes of market demand changes, sustainable development and building a new ecosystem. This is the common interest and goal of the dredging industry.

In order to promote communication and technological innovation of the dredging industry, China Dredging Association, with the support of the Eastern Dredging Association, is tentatively scheduled to hold the 5th China International Dredging Technology Development (Exhibition) Conference from September 25th to 27th 2017 in Tianjin, one of China’s municipalities directly under the central government and an important economic and port cities in northern China.

The theme of the conference is Ecology, Dredging, Sustainability.

The conference includes summit forums, keynote speeches, technical academic paper exchanges and seminars.  We will also visit Tianjin Port - China's largest artificial deep water port - to witness one of the major dredging outcomes of China.

For this purpose, we warmly welcome the following: members of World Organization of Dredging Associations and the member companies of China Dredging Association; papers provided by experts, scholars, engineers and technicians of the dredging industry; products and technology exhibitions by the dredging industry-related business organizations. Please contact us and register in time. For further notice, please visit the websites of the Eastern Dredging Association and the China Dredging Association.

I. The theme and main content of the conference

The conference will call for research papers and discuss the subject of the conference theme - Ecology, Dredging, Sustainability and the following 6 related sub-topics. The Preparatory Committee and the Technical Paper Review Committee will discuss the papers submitted and determine the means of publication and select Outstanding Papers.


1. The dredging industry must innovate upon the common mission of the ecological environment protection;

2. How do big data technology and intelligent technology promote the dredging industry to improve efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions;

3. The dredging industry’s future development trend;

4. Prospects of using new energy in dredging equipment and solve the obstacles;

5. Technologies of dredging that are more environmentally friendly and more efficient;

6. Development trend of dredging equipment and motions;

7. Other contents in relation to the theme of the conference.


II. Conference Highlights

1. The conference will show major dredging project results and key technology breakthroughs in recent years in China and around the world; and will demonstrate technologies and construction management achievements and special solutions for the construction of offshore artificial islands, dredging projects with complex construction conditions, foundation works of cross-sea bridge and island tunnel;

2. Summit forum;

3. Keynote speeches from CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd.  and CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd.;

4. Visit Tianjin Port--- China's largest artificial deep water port;

5. China and International Dredging Technology Symposium.


III. Proposed Conference Agenda






Sep 24

All day


Registration, sponsor arrange exhibition stand


The Specified Hotel









Sep 25

















Sep 25




Opening Ceremony

l  Welcome speech by EADA Chairman

l  Speech by Tianjin City government officials

l  Opening speech by CHIDA Director

Keynote Speech

l  Keynote speech by CDC

l  Keynote speech by TDC


Main Conference Venue




Rest Break





Summit Forum

Main subject -- “Visionary: joint development of dredging and city”. Dialogues among the professionals and senior executives from EADA, Tianjin City, CDC, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, institutions of environment of Singapore and Hong Kong, Northern Engineering Alliance, and CCCC-TDC.”



Main Conference Venue









Monographic Seminars

Hong Kong-Zhuhai- Macao Bridge Project and other


Main Conference Venue




Rest Break




Monographic Seminars

Tianjin Port Project - World’s Biggest Artificial Port and other

Main Conference Venue


The celebration event of the 120th anniversary of CCCC-TDC


Main Conference Venue

Sep 26




Thesis Exchange

l  “The Development of Environmental Dredging Technology”

l  “Environmental and Effective Dredging Technique and Work Process”

Main Conference Venue



Thesis Exchange

“The Cutting-Edge Dredging Equipment, Products and Technologies”

Affiliate Venue





Thesis Exchange

The exchange of Projects Achievements Exhibition, innovative technology and products

Main Conference Venue


Closing ceremony/ Awards/ Speech

l  Present “Special Contribution Award”

l  Present “2017 China Dredging Innovation Award”

l  Present “Excellent Paper of the 5th China International Conference on Dredging Technology Development in China”

l  Speech by EADA Chairman

l  Closing speech by CHIDA Director

Main Conference Venue

Sep 27



Visit Tianjin City and Dongjiang Island of Tianjin

Tianjin Port Site


Professional International Seminar

Topic: countermeasures to environment, efficiency and new market.

Affiliate Venue






Sep 25-26

All day

Exhibition of dredging technology and products

Specified Areas near the Main Conference Venue




IV. Official languages

Chinese and English are the official languages that will used for this Conference. Simultaneous interpretation shall be provided during the Conference.


V. Registration

1. International representative who wishes to attend, please contact the respective Eastern, Central and Western Dredging Association and fill out the application form, which will be sent to the China Dredging Association via email by respective Association.

2. Members of the World Organization of Dredging Associations are invited to submit their papers. Please submit paper information to respective Association including title, author, abstract and key words by April 30, 2017, and then the text of the paper according to further notice of the Preparatory Committee.

3. Members of the Chinese Dredging Association should organize experts and technical staff to submit papers; paper information including title, author, abstract and key words should be provided by April 30, 2017.

4. Cost of registering

4.1 International participant: $800 US Dollars per person (including September 24th – 27th accommodation, buffet, visit, symposium, etc.) ;

4.2 Member of Chinese Dredging Association: 1300 RMB per person (including September 24th – 27th accommodation, buffet, visit, symposium, etc.);

4.3 Non-member of Chinese Dredging Association: 1500 RMB per person (including September 24th – 27th accommodation, buffet, visit, symposium, etc.);

4.4 For costing details on technical achievements, product exhibition venues, please wait for further notice.


5. Place

Tianjin Jinlihua Hotel: No.32, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, China (near the Tianjin International Exhibition Center)

6. For further details on submission of papers, registration, product exhibition and final agenda of the Conference, please contact the Preparatory Committee.


VI. Contact

Person to contact: Koh Chian Cheat (EADA) :

Tel:+603-3168 8211   +6012 393 0369

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax:+ 603 3168 8228


Person to contact: Guo Enze (CHIDA)

Tel: +86 10 5369 3612    +86 186 1259 0726

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: +86 10-64475626


China Dredging Association

March  15, 2017

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